by Edna Piersol Windes
© 2014
Photo by Angelo Lopez
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WHISPERS on the WIND, first novel by Edna Piersol Windes, asks can a new generation find a way for our dying aggrieved old earth to become alive again with a promising future for all? Maybe they can. They have The Plan.
Young Alvin Richardson after entering The Plan finds himself torn between loyalty to his father and his new idol Sylvia Potter, 35 year old Florida Commissioner of Education, and his own thirst for adventure that takes him to Antarctica. It’s all because of the Plan for he is too young these days, at age 13, to get to Antarctica on his own. Alvin wonders why his dad does not realize that John Paul Jones managed to survive to become a legendary hero of the Revolutionary War after being apprenticed into naval service at age 13. Alvin thinks his new room mate at The Plan, Julio, is never going to be any kind of hero. Julio and Alvin might as well be from different planets. But don’t underestimate The Plan. Sylvia Potter has her own traumatic dilemmas to survive because of The Plan: a life threatening kidnapping plus her undeniable attraction to her protector.

Before writing this novel, Edna Piersol Windes concentrated on magazne articles and how-to books including: “Living By Your Brush Alone, “ North Light Publishing - 1st & 2nd editions,“Learn to Paint in 5 days,” self published. “Venison Food of Kings,” Outdoor Life Magazine two reruns plus included in their “Hunting Book.” Her poetry has been included in several Poetry Anthologies.




How to Paint Books

LEARN TO PAINT WATERCOLORS in 5 DAYS Yes, you can with thiscomplete watercolor workshop in a 102 page comb bound paper book...


All you need to know to paint watercolors you can be proud of is included in this complete workshop in painting and design and drawing.
DAY ONE - Facing the White Paper.
We'll do that by playing in water
DAY TWO - Facing Color.
We'll do that by playing in water with color.
DAY THREE - Facing Design, Drawing, and Perspective.
We'll confront them as the bare bones of all good painting.
DAY FOUR - Facing the Human Figure.
We won't let the figure frighten us; it's just a shape.
DAY FIVE - Facing the Outdoors.
We won't let the vastness frighten us; it's just a series of shapes.
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LEARN TO PAINT IN 5 DAYS in BOTH watercolor and acrylic.

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These books
do not saddle you with any one technique, but give you instructions to become proficient in any type of pigment. Many struggling artists make the mistake of thinking, "If I can just master this or that technique, I'll be successful at painting." They completely neglect to learn how to create a work of art. Techniques evolve from learning to create. They do not come first.
During workshops, questions like the following are explored constantly. What makes a first rate artist ? For that matter, what is an artist? What is ART? What makes a painting GOOD ART? It isn't easy to answer those questions. That's a monumental understatement, isn't it? Here is my attempt at an answer. A picture happens when someone produces it with paint and brushes, or pen and ink, or a camera, etc. A painting becomes a work of ART when one artist creates it and that artist's dynamic thought, imagination, and soul become visible in that painting. MEMORIZE THAT! Along with learning basic painting in these five days, let's make certain your artist's soul shines through.
They say each life contains a novel. To paraphrase, let's say each artist contains at least one great painting and probably many. I've found my teaching job is NOT to teach the struggling artist how to paint but to help the artist bring out what is inside that creates art. That art can be realistic or abstract. The same rules apply to each kind of painting and are not unlike the rules for producing a novel. Both a novel and a painting make one aware of something about the world.
Are you thinking you can't learn all this in five days?
You can. The exercises in this book will teach you to express yourself whether you are just beginning or just in a struggling period.
This book proceeds through a plan of study as though you were in a live workshop.
Your first job is to convince yourself that you ARE an artist because you WANT TO BE ONE.
You have just as much right to "speak" through your own kind of art as any well known artist does.

My aim with these workshops-in-a-book is to give to you what I wish someone had given to me in the first few years of my struggle to become an artist. Back then, many teachers and many trials and errors gave me bits and pieces of how to paint. In this book, I have distilled all those pieces into one comprehensive course: a new approach to learning to paint. This is a book to "do", not just read. In it you will learn to paint by doing my series of simple exercises. You will awaken and motivate your muse, the inner key to being an artist. That muse will release the master artist already inside you screaming to get out.

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