Giclée reproduction.
The favorite in sales on board Dolphin Cruise, Destin FL
"hand painted," on computer by Edna Wagner Piersol
15 x 20 image size on watercolor paper, unmatted, unframed $45
8 x 10 image size on acid free paper, unmatted, unframed $15
add 10% s&h to any print.
What is a Giclée?
Some digital prints are sometimes referred to as, "giclées." The French word "giclée" (pronounced "zhee clay") translates, "to spray or spurt," which is what ink jet printers do to produce digital reproductions. For this artist's giclées, water based pigments are used so the prints should be treated as any fine watercolor painting. The process produces a depth of color and clarity that is hard to match in any other reproduction process. Almost exact replicas of original paintings are made by this digital technology, even on hand-made artist paper. They have the look and feel of the original art. In the case of PLAYING DOLPHINS the original is in the computer, not a painting by brush. These Giclées are printed by the artist on coated paper or on watercolor paper, and have been found to be very durable.
" I personally make each print of each painting to rigid specifications," EDNA W. PIERSOL WINDES
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